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Saturday, August 10, 2013


Sept. Unblurred


Pittsburgh, PA Sept. 6, 2012- The Art of NonVerbal Communication in the Heart of the Pittsburgh Art Scene.
Nine fine artists communicate in parallel at Most Wanted Fine Art the first Friday in September during Unblurred. Gestures: the Fine Art of Non- Verbal Communication has been curated by Sam Thorp and will feature top local artists: Kyle Anthony Adams, Ren Burke, Mark Dobosh, Masha Fikhman Mia Donna Maneer, Anne Michelle Lyons & Katie Lynn Moran. Each artists will have expressive displays communicating a variety of thoughts and feelings.

Wine tasting by Wilhelm Winery and music by Grand Snafu will fill out the evening.
Exhibition runs from: Friday September 6th to September 29th, 2011.
Opening Reception: Friday 6th of September 6pm- to 11pm

The Artists:
Kyle Anthony Adams (Originally from Woodstock NY, now residing in Pittsburgh) well rounded Multi-Disciplinary Visual Artist. Kyle works in Paint, Web/ Graphic Design, Photography and Video performance artist. He owns and operates his own screen print shop and raises a pot bellied pig. His sun sign is Virgo. More work can be seen here:

Ren Burke (Originally from Pittsburgh, now resides in Fort Collins Colorado) An earlier academic interest in zoology and the natural world translated into Ren's current aesthetic language. She tends to paint with vibrant, fauvist color, but her intention is to remain true to the spirit of the subject. For the most part, Ren's animal subjects are portrayed in a whimsical manner, but without demeaning them. In addition to her gallery work, she has also received several public art mural commissions in Colorado. More work can be seen at

Mark Dobosh (Pittsburgh) A.K.A. 3D Mark, of the Coat Hanger Club, makes jewelry, clothing, and abstract art from recycled materials. He finds it sad that so much useful stuff is just thrown away so he tries to repurpose what he can. Just because something is broken doesn't it's trash.

Masha Fikhman (Russian-born, Pittsburgh-based) experiments with mixed media and celestially laden imagery to explore the relationship between self and universal identity. Her most recent paintings are largely based on the human figure juxtaposed with elements of nature, animals, and the cosmos to suggest the interconnectivity of all living things and an attempt to think beyond the selfish tendencies of the ego. More work can be seen at:

Mia Donna Maneer (Pittsburgh) searches for creative images in the dark, forbidden corners of culture. More work can be seen at:

Anne Michelle Lyons (Pittsburgh) has an eye for capturing subtle details that often go unnoticed. Her artistic techniques have evolved quickly and her prints transcend pretty subjects to become a picture within a picture.

Katie Lynn Moran (Pittsburgh) Katie Moran is a fantasy and nature based artist. Her paintings are bold, dark, organic, mythical and natural. She has shown her work in various galleries in Pittsburgh and studied at the University of Pittsburgh.

Sam Thorp (Pittsburgh) has many art shows here as well as around the world. The work is mainly figurative with a strength in color and portraiture. Sam is also responsible for curating the show. More work can be seen at:

The Gallery:
Most Wanted Fine Art is dedicated to promoting quality artists and contemporary art & music among the community. Owner and artist Jason Sauer has exhibited and introduced artists of a multitude of movements, styles and media. These talented creators have come from all over the world, revealing the influence of their cultures, and personal experiences. MWFA also hosts yoga classes in the daytime and music shows at night.
Most Wanted Fine Art
5015 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15224

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