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Thursday, May 31, 2012


My Big Art Weekend

Today I do what others won't.
Tomorrow I'll do what others can't. 

I'll check out the openings at Gallerie Chiz and Unblurred on Penn Avenue. I'm interested to see what the "Superfriends" cook up at Garfield Artworks.
Then after all that. I have an opening of my own at Remedy on Butler Street.

I'll be out at the Vandergrift Arts Fest. I will be at the Vanishing Hair Gallery for the closing of Curved light.

I'll be hosting and perhaps still hanging the Common wealth show at the GLCC to kick off Pride events.

then after that I'll probably check out John Fornoff's show at New Amsterdam on Butler Street.

The 3 river's festival gets underway this weekend, but i'll wait until next weekend to go see.
Congrats to Seth Clark for making the Emerging Artist award.

Friday, May 25, 2012


How far is too far....

One of those theoretical questions that come up in art school is something like:  "Are you willing to go to jail for your art?" or "Are you willing to be arrested in the name of art?" "How many rules are you willing to break?"
I may find out very soon. But not in any glorious,  aesthetic way.
I've arranged my life in such a way so that Art is the priority. In doing so, other things have had to go on the back burner. Some things have gone neglected, causing a bit of an unbalance. And it may have caught up with me.
Is this really worth it?

I mean... .there's always the chance that I have no real talent and i've wasted my life.

This Saturday, Artfrom gallery is holding an art benefit show called Motherly Love.
"An event celebrating creation and life!
Proceeds from the art directly benefit families affected by breast cancer. Come and support this cause and the art scene by entering work, attending the event, or purchasing a piece of art for a great cause. Refreshments will be served."
I am offering a portrait drawing in the auction.
bid on a chance to get a drawing done of your mother, for your mother, of your own kids... or however you wish.
The event details are here:

Further on down the line:
June 1st my show opens at Remedy.
It's a bit of a nostalgia show for me, going back to my comic book roots.

June 2nd will be the closing of Curved Light.
This coincides with the Vandergrift Fine Arts Festival, so come out and make a day of it.

And Sunday June 3rd is the Common Wealth Show, downtown at the Gay & Lesbian Community Center.
that's a lot of art in a short period of time... and you may be thinking if I am over extending my self?
maybe.... we'll see how this goes.
Stay tuned for more updates.

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Monday, May 21, 2012



Call it punk rock*, but I've always been big proponent of doing things myself.
Part of my motivation in learning how to draw was to make the graphics, posters, & paintings I loved but could not afford to acquire.
At some point I got a bit frustrated with the artist opportunities and disillusioned with inferior galleries. (They're not ALL inferior,.. but there have been a few… .)
 At some point I decided, "Hell, i could do a better job…."
So I started organizing shows. It was as simple as thinking up the sort of shows I would want to see.
I found a space. And when that didn't work out,  I found another space.
I learned to work with the confines of the space, the other artists, the publicity machines, the public. I'm still learning.
I really believe in being more inclusive. While it's a "score" to get some big- name, famous guy/gal; it's actually a bigger pleasure to give some outsider their first show. To bring new people into the art world makes it a stronger scene i think, for talent and also for the market.
I approach it like a huge art project, made of art. The show should be a work of art itself. Curating is … meta art? maybe?
anyway, my point is….If you don't like my shows, and/or if you don't like the opportunities in your local area… make your own.
Find a space.
Find an idea.
Find other artists.
Find a time.
Do it yourself.


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Saturday, May 19, 2012


Saturday AM

So the Assemble Maker Date Auction went well. Seems like they raised a good deal of money. I was bid on by a married couple who wanted me for their daughter…. I mean to teach their daughter.
There were some other great skills being exhibited: print etching with gelatin, rubber band airplanes, 3d printers.
Impressive stuff and for a good cause.

So what's next?
Tonight I'm doing a photo portraits at a high school prom, or as I lovingly refer to it: "shooting kids in the face".

Monday is the drop off for the Common Wealth show. I'm optimistic to see what shows up. This should be good.
IF anyone wants to participate in the show, download the info here:
The show itself begins June 3rd.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Tuesday's hangover...

So the PERSAD event was a phenomenal event … as always. Top notch, classy, and completely unpredictable when it came to the actual bidding.
One could make themselves crazy trying to understand why one piece went for X amount while another sold for XYZ.
Mine sold, at a fair amount above the asking price, so I'm pleased with what i consider a personal victory for me and some money for PERSAD.

Up next: …. since i'm always busy with something.
I will be auctioned off for the Assemble Maker Date.
the point of it is :
I will provide a tutoring session, consisting of an overview of proportion of the human figure OR the focus can be narrowed to any specific area the winner may find troubling. Drawing the human figure can be difficult but also very worthwhile as a form of expression.
Upon winning, please declare if you want to focus on a particular area of the figure to study. For example, help with hands, faces or foreshortening. Otherwise, we will work with overall proportion of the figure. The winner will need to provide their own paper and pencil. A basic sketchbook will do fine.
The session will be about 2 hours in some public meeting area, like a local coffee shop. Photo references will be used along with basic drawing skills such as gesture drawing, contour- line, and negative space.
As an added bonus, I'll throw in a copy of my textbook: This one

As an added bonus, this Maker Date Auction prompted me to make a portfolio video. Enjoy:

How do you get in on this?
The Auction is Friday May 18th, 6pm at the Shadow Lounge.
You have to buy tickets, $15 at the door.
or 12 here:
More information at the FB event:

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Sunday, May 13, 2012


Celebrate Life, Celebrate Art.

So Monday is the Fundraiser Auction for PERSAD.
THe tickets are a bit pricey, but it gets you access to a lot of great art.
I have donated a figure drawing. Male figure drawing. Up for auction.
Come and get it. More info

Thursday, May 10, 2012


May 11

Friday May 11 The Irma Freeman Center for the Imagination is having a fundraiser for the Kids. The Historic Liberty International Studies Elementary School in Shady-side experienced some nasty budget cuts to their art education department.
There will be art from many PGH artists there along with some refreshments.

I donated a drawing to auction off, but the center rejected it, feeling it was too sexual for the event..… me? too sexual?
I thought the piece was rather tame. But then i suppose I don't see the world as most people. What do you think? Too sexy?

Ideally, the human body is nothing to be ashamed of.
I find it odd .. maybe sad .. to go through life being disgusted by the body. just ink of all the beauty these people are missing out on.
Ah well,  the drawing will be up on my site and for sale, with all the money going to me instead.


Monday, May 07, 2012


pride wear

Pride season is coming up. Order your shirts now:

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Friday, May 04, 2012


Rocking in Lawrenceville

Tonight i will have something new at the Rocking Horse Open.
Come down and see it.

Summertime by ~ares322 on deviantART

Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Next up

is Unblurred on Penn Ave. Friday May 4th.
Lauren Toohey is having a show with John Howe at Most Wanted Fine Art.
Make sure you stop there.
I have new work near Butler Street.
The Rocking Horse Artspace has become a cool little spot, which is no surprise since they have Kyle Anthony Addams on board as the creative agent for visual art.
The opening is the same night as Unblurred. at 179 43rd St. in Lawrenceville.
The Facebook event is here:


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