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Sunday, November 22, 2009




Go to Unblurred!
You'll find brand new art by me and 20 other great artists at Fast>>Fwd gallery. 3700 Penn Ave. Friday Dec 4th 5-10pm.
Brand new art. Brand SPANKING new.
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Then, please keep heading down Penn Ave.

Last chance to see my work at The Irma Freeman Center for the Imagination. 5006 Penn Ave. 6-10pm

Find more of my work at Rebellious Nature. 5437 Penn Ave. (Side entrance around corner @ 104 N. Graham St.) Across from Quiet Storm Coffee.
6-10 Friday Dec 4th or the rest of the month during regular store hours.

Sat. Dec 5th.
Check for my new piece at Giclee Modification Show @ Artform Gallery & Tattoo. 2603 Leechburg, Rd. Lower Burrell, PA 15068

I also have work at
Get Inked Tatoo at the Robinson Mall. 100 Robinson Center Dr.

Panza Gallery 115 Sedgwick St. Millvale neighborhood.

This year give the gift of art...MY art.

Check my website for even more shows coming up.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


December is going to be a great month for Art.

Friday December 6th
As part of the First Friday Unblurred Event you find my work all over Penn Ave.

Start in town with the
12 x12 show Art by Sam Thorp along with over 20 other emerging artists
fast fwd gallery

Fast>>Fwd 3700 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15201


Stop by The Irma Freeman Center for Imagination
Irma Freeman Center Imagination

5006 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15224


For more info:

Art Sale for the People. Art by Sam Thorp along with other local PGH artists.
Rebellious Nature

Rebellious Nature a Pittsburgh based shop and art gallery at 104 N. Graham Street in Garfield is hosting a $50 and under LOCAL ART sale for the people this December. The sale will kick-off on Friday December 4th as part of the Unblurred First Fridays event and will be on-going all month.
Store Hours:10-6pm Tues- Sat.

Rebellious Nature 5437 Penn Ave. (Side entrance around corner @ 104 N. Graham St.) Pittsburgh, PA 15201


For more info:

On Saturday:
You can spot a new piece by me out in Lower Burrel.
Giclee Modification Show at
Artform Gallery & Tattoo Dec 5th 6-11pm

Giclee Mod: Artform

2603 Leechburg, Rd. Lower Burrell, PA 15068

For more info:

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Current shows:

One week left to see my work at the Rowe Gallery in Greensburg.

Also in Greensburg you can see 3 great pieces by me at the Harlan Gallery located in Seton Hill university. The show runs through November.

If you are attending Unblurred on Penn Ave., You can see my work at the Irma Freeman Center for the Imagination. The show, The Art of Salvation will be up till December 14th.

Also check out Panza gallery in Millvale for 4 works by me.

Upcoming Shows:

Dec 4th. I will be part of the 12 x12 show at the new fast>>fwd gallery on Penn Ave.

Dec 5th. I will have two pieces in the Giclee Modification Show at Artform Gallery. It’s a novel idea for a show theme.

Jan 16th. I’ll be sharing a space with Lauren Toohey at Artform gallery. This should be great.

Looking for the perfect and unusual gift?
How about a custom portrait.

or if you prefer wearable art, here are some great designs.


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