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Friday, March 31, 2006

Notes on the shock of the new by Robert Hughes

A picture, before being a war horse, a nude woman, r some sort of anecdote- is essentially a surface covered with colors arranged in a certain order.

“I paint objects, not as I see them, but as I think them” – Picasso

How shall I paint? (technical question)
What shall I paint?

Romantic art= interplay of art & spirit

“I have nothing to express.” – Francis Bacon. Being trapped in unnamable appetites

the more fearful the world becomes the more art becomes abstract

Warhol- became a well known artist by silently proclaiming art could not change life.

No new art stars in 1970’s except for joseph beuys.

Notes on Drawing with an open mind- Ted seth Jacobs

Marks on paper need not represent anything in their graphism.
Independent of all association= a drawing

The whole basis for linear representation is a lie
Lines do not exist in nature, nor do contours. Nothing is absolutely fixed outer limits.
The eye functions best isotropically, taking in the total environment.
Line originates in the sense of touch, tactile and physical
Tactile approach= information recorded in drawing is derived from impression recollected from sense of touch.

When we look at the body we simultaneously connect with a symbol of the body, and fail to notice the true shape.
We draw preconceptions instead rather than perceptions. We tend to think independently of what we see.
All artists tend to draw self- portraits. We draw the preconceptions we are most familiar with. In order to see the model clearly it becomes necessary to feel it. Identify with it, and get past all feelings of apprehension.
Use emotion & apathy. Put yourself mentally in the models pose. See through feeling. Drawing no longer becomes a struggle but a process of upward evolution and realization.

Challenging ones conclusion is the basis of originality. Creating a style is too easy.
The eye not only absorbs a point of focus but a field of view. It’s a mistake to look a the world only one way.
Don’t just draw the things we see but the relations between them.
Your paper is the ultimate teacher. Mirror of our perceptions. Projection of our plane of vision. The paper shows us how our conceptions of world differ from appearance We are never in perfect synchronicity with the observed.
We are responsible for our own evolution. There is always more that can be done.
Train your mind to see the actual shapes instead of namable objects.
Drawing is embodiment of artists knowledge and abilities in art.
What does the world really look like?

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Jury Fees

Personally I gave up on Juried shows a long time ago. It just seemed like scam . Say you're going to havea show, charge everyone $20- 35 to view their slides and then reject everyone & keep the money.

So i share the pain of this rant:


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