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Monday, July 25, 2011


funny how things connect.

I know a few people in Norway.
i have artwork in Oslo, Norway.
A watercolor of Sally in the Oslo Library.
The guy who arranged it lives on Norway.
His son's friend lost his mother in the bombing.

It's a terrible tragedy. And I feel badly for Norway.
They are not used to this level of violence as we are.

Betty Bowers said it best, "Again, we see that it isn't a type of religion that turns people into terrorists; it's religion itself."

While the death of 90 is a stastic the death of one is a tragedy...
a reminder of how talent and success does not eliminate one's deamons, if anything it strengthens them.
It's a shame that Amy Winehouse passed away. I wasn't a super fan. I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon now.
But it's an opportunity to reflect and maybe learn. Maybe now's the time to help a friend or soemone who needs it.

Now's the time to appreciate.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


heating up....

So last night i participated in the 1st ever "Art night" at PNC park.
it was intriguing idea, to say the least.
I went to represent Most Wanted Fine Art.... (which is growing into a Most Wanted empire) along with the Moxie Dada
and ...well... the return was minimal. If the Pirates ever decide to do it again there is probably room for improvement.
But hey, I go to hang out at a baseball game. Soaking wet. drunk. and I got a free t-shirt out of it... TWO actually.

Life is always interesting.
We live in interesting times, no doubt.
Just as many setbacks as there are advances.
And I just plan to move on to the next adventure.

Random Quotes:
Inspiration comes in waves and never stops. It will keep crashing upon the shores of your soul until you embrace its motion.

We all want satisfaction. We all want happiness. We don't get that when we stop and settle for second best.

Never settle for second best just because it is the safe and secure choice. Life is motion and risk. Don't stop.

Everything is either expanding or contracting. So are you. Joy is felt when we live our life according to which state we are in.

Friday, July 01, 2011



I will have artwork for sale at the Hollywood theater in the Dormont neighborood of Pittsburgh, PA.
Hollywood theater is a Pittsburgh landmark. It's where I first saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Actually, it's where many Pittsburghers first saw RHPS. For the longest time it was the only place you could see the show. That is until it came out on VHS and eventually DVD.
Like so many, it's fallen on hard times and a fundraiser event has been organized to keep the theater around.
So Come check it out, support the cause and a lot of great artists. Stay late, cause...guess what?... they are showing the Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight... so wear yoru corsets.
Gemma Allan will be showing a piece there. If you have not checked out her work, this is your chance.
facebook event:!/event.php?eid=129618233781768


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