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Saturday, March 10, 2007


warhol review

Went to the Andy Warhol museum last night to see their main attraction Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race.
Now the Warhol is an art museum which likes to show controversial art. The exhibition featured movie clips, photos, historical documents, was NOT an art exhibition. So now that, that's out of the way it was some of the most thought provoking and emotionally charged stuff I've seen in a long time.
You follow a path so that you must see the material as it happened in time. Its starts off Innocently enough: researching birth defects, promoting healthy pregnancies… then it goes into a slippery slope. Subtle suggestions of healthful living suddenly turn into a declaration of a master race and an ultimate solution for those not “fit”.
Now in ancient primitive times, tribes often culled their own herd. Everyone had to pull their own weight, and anyone who was injured, sick, or disabled were often exiled or “euthanized” by their own tribe. The German doctors of 1933 asks (then demanded) that German people do the same.
The problem with that is humans still are not intelligent enough and wise enough to know whom will be a burden on society and who will be a blessing. Deciding on who is “fit” because of a cleft palate or mixed blood really is not an indicator of … anything.
AS I walked through about a million questions went through my head. (None of which I wrote down but let me try to remember):
Iran's recent conference on whether the Holocaust actually happened; can we then have a conference to see if Mohammad, Jesus and Moses really happened?
Didn't Texas, under the rule of Governor George W. Bush execute a mentally retarded man?
Could the right wing have a hidden agenda in the abortion and marriage debate? Perhaps they just want to ensure more white babies?
The “burden” of the disabled: are we cruel to kill a severely retarded blind, deaf man, or are we cruel for letting him live his entire life in a facility with virtually no contact with outside world. I mean we shoot horses and put down dogs as the “humane” thing to do?
Do we take responsibility for culling our own herd for “fitness” or even for the purposes of preventing over- population? How do we maintain a balance with nature?
In what cases do we decide to let nature take its course and when do we help it along?
Where do you draw the line? Is it even a line we should draw?

These are the kind of questions that art is supposed to evoke. But art doesn't anymore.


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