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Saturday, October 28, 2006


more notetaking:

Notes on arrested images by steven cictoblin

Although art may sometimes shock us, so do many recent attempts to regulate it.

Art that reflects the empowerment of one group is often rejected as blasphemy by others.
Symbolic battles, killing the messenger will not change the SOURCE of that art.

Art can be discomforting, respect the work that can puncture your sense of smugness to such a degree.

Artists no longer teach the illiterate or social & political ideologies. In the west artists have turned their attention inward. Experimenting with a variety of narrative structures, new subjects and a new methods of inquiry and execution.

Many ppl have become disenchanted with the arts that have become too aloof, or says something the public would rather keep quiet.

Most controversy erupts in public art. The question of accountability. Artist needs to take into account the role of the audience.

“censorship is to art what lynching is to justice”

Once an artists finishes a work it is largely out of their control.
Art may never be competes because it can continually be reinterpreted and reevaluated.

Are there things better left unsaid?
Once you open some doors, they swing both ways.

Attempts to puncture the persistent stereotypes that retard social change using both reactive and proactive strategies.

The entire work must be considered in order to fully grasp its meaning.

Artists combine the sacred and the profane challenging the basic ways of originating our experience.

William Faulkner quotes:
Problems of the human heart in conflict with itself which alone can make good art because t is the only thing worth exploring.

To be afraid is the basest of all things.

Friday, October 20, 2006


stuff for you

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