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Sunday, August 13, 2006


shady teaching

Notes on Teaching for learning _ Myrontt Dembo

1st determine what students know and don’t know. What are realistic expectations?
Learn to organize ideas & deal with dynamics of 30 or so students. Listen and anticipate questions.when do students need variety ans when have they had enough?

Convergent thinking produces a well determined answer to a routine problem.
Divergent thinking generates new ideas and solutions that do not have a correct answer.
a. fluency-large quanity of ideas words and expressing
b. flexibility variety of ideas & new ways of dealing with situations
c. originality- uncommon, clever, novel ideas and images
d. elaboration packing detail into the response

imitating the teacher is the most common method of learning. students pay close attention to what the teachers preaches and what they practice, what they demand and what they allow. Teacher’s expectations = self fulfilling prophecies

1. challenge
2. freedom
3. respect
4. warmth
5. control
6. success

how to enhance creative behavior:
1. treat questions with respect. Use poor questions to teach how to ask good ones. Help student to find answers
2. treat imaginative ideas with respect. Show how to test ideas for reasonableness against what they already know.
3. Ideas have value.
4. Occasionally do things for practice w/o threat of evaluations
5. Te in evaluation wit causes and consequences. “this could be made better by….”

Do not compare students.

Performance objectives= precise statement of what th student will be able to do as a result of this instruction.

Behavior modification-
1. define & state behavior to be changed. Do not generalize
2. note frequency of behavior
3. arrange the learning so desirable behavior will occur
4. ID potential reinforcers
5. Shape and reinfrce desired behavior
6. Maintain records

The trouble some child may be telling us there is something wrong with the way we are educating him

Students must enter the arena of the unknown in order to learn

Shading enables us to make things look 3-d
Light falling on forms create lights and darks in a logical way. Shadows are logically formed where light is blocked
Tonal differences are called values. Complete value scales go from pure white to pure black with thousands of minute gradations in between.

4 aspect of light/ shadows
1. highlight- brightest light source falls on object
2. cast shadows- darkest shadows caused by objects blocking light source
3. reflected light- a dim light bounced back onto the object
4. crest shadows – lies on a crest between highlight and reflected light

recognize shapes of lighted areas & shadows. No matter how your style evolves you will always be using edges, spaces, relationships and shadows. Squinting helps.

Cross hatching- laying down carpet of strokes. Parallel lies change angle set down new set of lines. Thickness, intervals, layers

Continuous tone- pencil is applied in short overlapping movements or in elliptical movements.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Notes on New art (Gregory Battock)

No art seems uncomfortable for very long.
When confronting new artwork ppl may feel excited for something they were part of or wanted to be part of.

Abstract Expression= raw violence, immediate action

Modern art projects into a twilight zone w/ no fixed values. Always born of anxiety.

Matisse wanted art of balance, serenity and find a color that would fit the sensation
1st to give free expression to the physical act of painting
a sense of expansion = freedom
perform a contour line with careless confidence and exactness= arabesque

Picasso was always dealing with the past.

Large paintings tend to expose artist’s weakness, Matisse grew stronger

Pollock huge canvases- physical liberation: muscularity abundantly expressed.

Larry Rivers & Robert Rauschenberg pioneered re-introduced recognizable subject matter. Raush. Formed an alliance w/ pop art by using coke bottles & stuffed animals. Unlike Dada, Raush. Does not criticize the mechanical but simply makes room for it.

Jasper Johns = targets, maps, id’d the entire surface w/ common pre- existing image.

Pop art grotesque products of the modern commercial industrial world of the hard sell. Brighter color and louder noise too brash for nuance. A wasteland of TV commercials, comic strips, hot dog stands, billboards, junkyards, used- car lots.

Rauschenberg- painting relates to both art and life, neither can be made

Pop artists tend to alter the common image that intensifies our perceptions of it. The objects chosen must be banal. Purposefully appeal to our tastes for simple things. Spirit of a child’s appetite

Seraut destroyed the intricate and continuous paint surface into a systematic process of engraving

Modern art has progressive loss of an audience. Who exactly is the art critic talking to? Paintings lead to paintings, words never do. Words are never a substitute for looking at art.

Mondrion got hold of the truth single eternal truth
There is no easy public truth. Each painter rethinks the problem each time they strat a painting while they learn from the experience. A renewed experience not a remembered one.
The audience for new art is small and specialized.

Flatness was unique and exclusive to art
All recognizable objects exist in 3D. calls an association of space.
Manet & impressionist art became question of optical experience. Optical modified by technical experience
Art is continuity with the past.

All art is an illusion its material is not necessary to its meaning. Imagination synthesizes intellect and intuition. Illusion is characteristic of imaginative activity. Illusion is an authentic and necessary part of experience.

To interpret is to impoverish. Reducing art to its content and then interpret it tames the work of art. Interpretation makes manageable, comfortable

Art is a form of knowledge communication ideas & feeling, communication of the human experience
To understand present know the roots of the past
Romanticism, fauvism, abstract expressionism= emotional expression & personal interpretation

Man looks to himself rather than external authority to come to grips with personal maters with all complexities and implications

Can a person be completely free without infringing on the rights of others?

Existentialism- a man’s position on earth is absurd. Unable to understand the reason for his existence. Impossible to establish necessary truth acquired by experience
Science does not reveal ultimate truth about an object. Be sure of certain consequences follow from particular concepts. Not absolutes. Existentialism denies the classic idea of tragedy and resorts to parody.
Artist should not attempt to define art, only yourself
To be alive, art must create.

Works of art is one of the most successful commodities produces by our affluent society

Labeling is substitute for thinking.

Art gravitates to the centers of world power

Drained of content modern painting has only one significance= it is new

Art assures I can do anything
As long as it corresponds to the artists most intense experience

Pop art is cool 7 pragmatic

Surrealism = symbolism, challenges reality in the name of individual freedom. Intentions rather than actions. Desire rather than will. Most desirables of all desires is love.

We do not read a work of art we read into it
The more original it is the harder it is to measure against existing standards.

Art patrons have really been altruistic. Art has frequently been made to serve politics & military conquest

Creativity and art are inaccessible to machines. Art cannot be manufactured. It has to be invented. It doesn’t pay, it costs
Art goes to the deepest toots of our existence
Great art requires a great audience

12 rules for new academy: less is more
1. no texture- textura is natural and vulgar
2. no brushwork or calligraphy
3. no sketching or drawing- worked out in mind.
4. No forms- the finest things have no shape
5. no design- design is everywhere
6. no colors- colors blind, only an aspect of experience
7. no light- non reflecting light is best
8. no space- space should be empty. Not project and not flat
9. no time- always the present
10. no size or scale
11. no movement
12. no object, no subject, no matter
(ad reinhart)

Notes on Creative act (Marcel Duchamp)
2 parts artist & audience
artist may shout genius but you have to wait for the audience to answer
bad art is still art
difference between artist intuition and artists realization
visual poetry for ideas which appear essentially abstract and non- visual
straddles the gap between intellectual and artist

Andy Warhol= unique social commentary
Our society has a growing sameness.
Will you buy into the American way of eating? Dying? Love? Pleasure?
Tries to keep any sign of struggle out of his work doesn’t want to be associated with “creative” . anyone could paint his pictures as well as he.
Interested in objects not ideas


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