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Friday, June 29, 2012


hot, hot, hot.

My show is ending at Remedy, so rush in and see it if you haven't. The entire show sold out, so once it's gone; it's gone.
the show at the GLCC continues. A piece by me as well as many other talented artists will be on display until the end of July.
But the big deal right now is the Cleveland road trip:

Battle of the Rust Belt Artists!
Lauren Toohey and I face off against two Cleveland artists. (Sorry I don't know their names.) Weather for tomorrow is going to be hot with a chance of thunderstorms. Can't wait.

Further down the road:
I have a show in September at MWFA with MArtina Biccheri and Carina Wachsmann. More details to come but it should be a very sexy show. You can check out their work here:

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Cleveland bound

Jason Sauer (head honcho of Most Wanted Fine Art) organized a field trip to the Waterloo Arts Fest in Cleveland at the end of this month.
A few MWFA All - Stars will be showing art in a gallery space up there. AND an Art Battle will take place. Originally I though i was teaming with Lauren Toohey to battle 2 Cleveland artists.... but it turns out, its a 4 way battle, and every artist is on their own.
Ok, no problem. Lauren and I had done some planning based on our teamwork at Art All Night... now i'm just going to have to kick her and 2 other asses. No big deal.

If you are in the Cleveland area, come check out the Festival.

Official Promo:

MWFA Stars at the Waterloo Arts Fest in Cleveland, OH. 
See artwork by Jason Sauer, John Lysak, Lauren Toohey, Sam Thorp & Mark Zingarelli. Plus more art by Mia Donna, Anne Michelle Lyons and Frank Knezevich. Saturday June 30, noon-7pm. Cleveland’s fastest growing, grassroots, arts-centric, eclectic, family friendly festival!

PLUS! Art Battles! A 4-way  art battle between Pittsburgh & Cleveland artists! Music battle between Grand Snafu & Cleveland Musicians! Movie battle between Pittsburgh 48hr Film  Project and Cleveland 48hr Film Project!  Don't miss it! 
Directions to the Festival->

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Friday, June 15, 2012


And again...

It's immensely sad that the data is being spun this way. It's almost as if, the powers that be want to discourage people from creative, free-thinking, liberal fields.

But going back to some of my previous posts:
Look at it this way: Colleges have failed to prepare these students to fully succeed and reach their full potential.
It doesn't mean that Art is not worth learning about.... or it's not worth it to make Art.
Instead of investing tens of thousands of dollars in a "useless" degree, spend a few hundred dollars on classes at your local center.
Get a library card, check out books and videos on art. Watch youtube videos. Follow art blogs.
Go to galleries and museums.
And most importantly, make art. Every. Day. Make something. MAke time to make something. Make space to make something. Make Art.

As the authors of Art & Fear,  David Bayles and Ted Orland point out:
"At the University level, time is spent on learning craft, art history and contemporary trends, with the occasional class touching on critical issues. In the rarefied world of academia, a symbiotic relationship forms wherein a student’s tuition money pays for a teacher’s tenure, ensuring that the acolyte will never be deemed anything less than promising. There is little time left over to figure out the nuts and bolts of HOW TO ACTUALLY SURVIVE and mature as a working artist." 
(Emphasis by me.)

The four or so years you spend at school can delay your life and progress. You sit in class, listening to lectures, you write papers and you complete homework assignments. THEN when the student loan bills start rolling in you find you have to get a "real job" cause you can't find anything that pays enough in your field. 
Just jump into life. Start going to shows, meeting people, making art and working the "real job" to pay your rent all without the specter of "loan default" weighing you down. 
You never stop being an art student anyway. A piece of paper never changes that.
If you want to be an expert in your field, always remain a student. Never stop learning. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


bust out that library card....

“to the critic art is a noun, to the artist, art is a verb.”

"When it comes to the art world, artists have to work at engineering the kinds of relationships they are most comfortable with, but in the end, they are alone in an existential struggle with their chosen medium, striving to propel their work forward. "

HyperAllergic recommends the book,  Art & Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland..... and so do I. 

Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Art of Pride

See new art by me in support of the Transgender community, Thursday June 7th.
Pittsburgh is one of the few cities around the nation that hold specific Pride celebrations every year for gender-variant individuals and their allies.

The TransPride Showcase will be held at Cattivo Bar in Lawrenceville (146 44th Street). Doors will open at 9:00 PM, with the Showcase beginning promptly at 10:30 PM. The event will serve to highlight the variety of high-quality, provocative, and artistic entertainment of trans-identified performers/entertainers in the Pittsburgh area. In addition, artwork from local trans-identified artists and allies will be on display throughout the event. Due to the nature and location of the event, attendees must be 21 years or older and have a valid ID.

Transgender is not easy for some people to understand.

Any questions you may have, can be answered here:

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Monday, June 04, 2012


and so it goes.

So I survived the last few weeks…
Three shows in Three days and all the prep and whoring that went with it.
The shows went well, but there's room for improvement.
Attendance could always be better. How does one break through the apathy of the general public? … without having to resort to making a spectacle (ass) of oneself?
Perhaps the timing was bad. Too much, too close together. Too much other competition with other events.

All three shows will be up for at least the month.
I took some risks with the new work…. trying to push myself beyond what was comfortable. The result is: I'm uncomfortable and insecure with the quality. And honest feedback is often hard to find, most people are nice an d polite. Which is nice… and useless.

So.. now what? What's next?
Maybe a break is in order. Get a "real job" for a bit. Catch up on some bills. And just get a rest from all this art making ….

yeah, right.

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