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Sunday, October 23, 2011


the Art of Art.

I study a lot of philosophy behind martial art. The Art in Martial art can apply to any art.

This is based on the "Art of Peace" by Morihei Ueshiba re-written to emphasize the how it applied to visual art.

1. Art begins with you. Work on yourself to work on you art. Everyone has a talent that can be refined; a skill that can be trained. A path to follow. YOu are here for no other purpose than to realize your inner divinity & create a masterpiece. Create art in your life, then apply it to everything in your life.

2. One does not need money, schooling or permission to create art. Your studio is right where you are standing, and that is the place to start.

3. All inspiration originates from one source and everything is related as a family.

4. Leave behead all self-centered thought, pretty desires, and doubt. Those who are possessed by nothing posses everything.

14. Everything is your teacher.

23. Art is not easy, It's a fight to the finish, slaying insecurities and falsehoods within.

37. We are different from artists o fhb east. But do into totally forget old traditions. Absorb old traditions with new materials. Build on classic principles with fresh forms.

38. Daily practices brings mastery. Do not concern yourself with opinions of others. Keep your mind set on your own. Embrace and learn from everything.

39. Keep working and you will be a better person. Your only desire will be for better art.

40. Day after day. Make art. Refine your technique. Empty yourself of everything. This is the discipline of the artist.

51. There is no contest. You are in competition with nobody. Defeat/ failure only happens when you give up.

70. Do not look upon this world with fear and loathing . Bravely face whatever the Universe offers.

73. Life itself i s atrial. Art allows you to observe and figure out yourself which helps when facing the greatest challenges in life. Transcend the realm of life and death, and you will be able to make your way calmly and safely through any crisis that confronts you.

74. Be grateful even for the hardship, setbacks, and bad people. Dealing with such experiences offers inspiration.

75. Disappointment is the key to success. Each mistake teaches us something, and it's an opportunity to begin again smarter.

76. Sometimes the whole Universe seems out to get you; at such critical times concentrate on your art. Unite your mind and your technique, do not let your mind waver.

94. Progress comes to those who make art everyday. Practice and rain. The reliance of "secret techniques" and shortcuts will get you nowhere.

95. cast aside any limiting thoughts. Empty yourself of everything. Stand in the midst of everything and observe. Inspiration will come.

102. Ultimately you must forget about style; the further you progress, the fewer teachers there are. The great path is really no path.

Master artists would not be ashamed of low status, but they should be ashamed of not making art.



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