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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


art is.......

• A blank sheet of paper is God’s way of letting you know what its like to be God.
• Art must move away from elitism to universality. The Byzantine mosaics were made for illiterates. If the art world has gone beyond the average persons understanding, whose fault is it? How shall we educate the public?
• Art is a virtue of practical intelligence.
• The majority today do not make things, they do things, they do what they are told. None of them can claim responsibility for the object. The artist is the responsible workman. His reputation is at stake.
• Art is either evil or decadent, although it is sometimes difficult to understand and an effort is required to get acquainted with it.
• Skill in doing good to things is called art.
• Art improves nature.
• The artist is not a welfare worker. We do not seek to leave the world a better than we found it. We are children making toys for men & God to play with and playing before him at all times. We would ask what would make the journey better in itself as a journey.
• Art that only pleases the senses and does not make its appeal to the whole man is bad art.
• Bad or inferior workmanship cannot be covered with paint……
• We have a prejudice in favor of quality, esp. things that are not physically necessary.
• Good quality in things of the mind is of obligation, what is worth making must be made well.
• Art is the expression of emotion.
• The business of the artist is to find a form to fit an emotion~ Clive Bell.
• The question is not what a work of art represents but what it makes you feel~ Clive Bell
• A good life drawing like any other work of art is a translation into terms of material of things seen in the mind.
• The artist that draws from life must be in love with life. Until you have lived you cannot know what is worth living.
• Art is skill with human will behind it
• A painting should tell something and give the spectator food for thought
• If you look after goodness and truth, beauty will take care of itself
• Great works of art are complex and various in their appeal
• A good sketch works because of what the artist left out as much as what was put in. If you want to learn to draw; you must learn to sketch, to abstract the essentials from the object before you. Get them down quickly. You must look at the subject, feel its presence, so that when you draw the object, you almost become it.
• The true artist is connected. The true artist studies the past. The true artist is interested in the art object as an art process. The thing being, and the being of the thing. The true artist is after the problem.
• The function of imagery is not merely instrumental.
• Once creative powers are freed in one direction the awakening of a higher power generally sets in.
• Originality is the art of concealing your source.


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