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Thursday, December 31, 2009



I’m not going to tell you what goals to set. Only you can decide that. But keep in mind there are times of expansion and contractions, ups and downs, growing and dying; what is most important is that you keep going.
Although you can spend so much time thinking about your life that you don’t actually live, its also a mistake to keep running and running without any map or sense of direction. Its all about achieving a balance. And maybe learning a thing or two.

I’ve broken my goals into sections or departments.
Wisdom/ Spirituality
Domestic/ Family
Social networking
Emotional/ Relationships

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Health= always at the top of my list. I’m not going to get anywhere with my other goals if I am sick and laid up. Cut back on meat and processed foods. Keep weight and blood pressure down. I’ve left the gym and used more body weight exercises. The bodyweightculture wesite has been helpful.

Creativity= This is the next biggest focus of my life. What I have trained for. What I was meant for. Summed up my goals are to continually refine my drawing/ painting skills.

Wisdom/ Spirituality= It helps to keep all the other goals in perspective; the meaning of it all, or the ultimate goal. It has to be simple in practice. Include being genuinely grateful for what I have. And keeping a certain amount of detachment. Paying attention to what’s going on around me without taking it personally.

Income= Last year I took steps away from working for someone else and towards earning my own money directly. This include multiple sources of income and not depending on any one venture. I’ve learned a lot from Tim Ferris’ book 4 Hour Work Week. I need to learn more about accounting.

Domestic/ Family= now that I don’t HAVE to spend time with them, I can spend time as I WANT to. I also want to clear out a lot of old junk storage.

Social networking= Many of my other goals require help or cooperation of other people. So social skills are important for real success. Learning to listen and to help other people to get what they want and I’ll get everything I need.

Emotional/ Relationships= someone to share it all with.

Charity= Helping other to get what they want will help me to get what I want.

Travel= There’s still half a world out there I haven’t seen. This year I’d like to visit Paris.

To accomplish my goals I just keep trying. Try something. If that doesn’t work, try something else. If THAT doesn’t work, try something else. If that STILL doesn’t work, try something else.
Crap will happen. Distractions will come and go. There will be setbacks and failures.
All I have to do is not give up.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


January Line up

Start the new year off right with Art, Culture, and free wine & cheese.

Jan 1st is the Unblurred Art walk on Penn Ave.
Come down to the Most Wanted Fine Art Gallery and find my art along with many of the other Most Wanted artists. The Gallery is located at 5015 Penn Ave. and is open Friday night 7-10pm.
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Jan 9th I will have work at Zombo’s Big Hang Up. The opening is 6-10pm. It’s always a great party at Zombo’s, so come on down to 4900 Hatfield St.
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Jan 9th will also be the closing party for 12x12 show at Fast>>Fwd Galllery. If you haven’t had a chance to see my work along with a fantastic group of Pittsburgh artists, stop by 3700 Penn Ave. 6-9pm.
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Jan 16th is my big show. Clothing Optional will feature work by me and Lauren Toohey at Artform Gallery. The idea behind the show is to feature models in various states of undress and vulnerability. There will be a lot of new work and some fun during the opening. The opening runs Saturday from 6pm to 11 and is located at 2603 Leechburg Rd. Lower Burrell, PA 15068
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Jan 23rd I will be part of the Panza Gallery Figure drawing show. 6-9pm at 115 Sedgwick St. in Millvale, PA.

2010 is off to a great start. So great that i have a FREE calendar for you to keep track of it all. Just swing by my website and download your calendaer, print it out and hang it up.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009



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Lower Burrell, PA Jan. 16, 2010- Newest show of work in Lower Burrell is “Clothing Optional”

Announcing a new exhibition of artwork by local artists Lauren Toohey and Sam Thorp.
The show will feature exemplary figurative work of in various states of undress and vulnerability. Both Toohey and Thorp will use the same models for their own creative interpretations. Refreshments and music will fill out the evening.

Lauren Elizabeth Toohey ate PlayDoh and crayons when she was a small child. This fertilized the creative seed that started to grow inside her. As she matured the creative seed then grew, and wormed its way out. She spit forth art, and never stopped spitting.
At night she arms herself with social banter and art ready to hang at fine art galleries including the Zombo Gallery, Artforms, Butler Center for the Arts, Wizard of Oddities, Get Inked Gallery, the Art What You Got Festival, ICAG Gallery, and Most Wanted Fine Art. She has curated events including Final Fridays at the BBT, and Art at the Rex Theater. Thematically her artwork is organic, sexually charged and sometimes violent. Her color schemes vary from series to series and so does her method of execution. A large portion of her work is mixed-media and based on the human figure.

Sam Thorp has been exhibiting artwork professionally around the world since the age of 16, with collectors around the world in the UK, Greece and Australia. Sam Thorp is classically trained in anatomy and fine art but experiments in modern technology to supplement traditional image making. Sam’s subject matter is rooted in western tradition of figure studies with a deep interest in psychology and the personality of the models. The result is not a mere design or hunks of flesh but an expression of the living breathing uniqueness of each person.

Exhibition runs from: Friday January 16th to January 30th.
Gallery Opening: Friday 16th of January 6pm- to 11pm

The Artform Gallery and Tattoo is establishing itself as a premiere venue to see some of the most exciting cutting edge work of the Pittsburgh underground art scene. Artform highlights the areas of street art, pop surrealism, lowbrow, illustration, comic book, tattoo, and print-making.

Artform Gallery & Tattoo
2603 Leechburg Rd. Lower Burrell, PA 15068


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