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Friday, June 15, 2012


And again...

It's immensely sad that the data is being spun this way. It's almost as if, the powers that be want to discourage people from creative, free-thinking, liberal fields.

But going back to some of my previous posts:
Look at it this way: Colleges have failed to prepare these students to fully succeed and reach their full potential.
It doesn't mean that Art is not worth learning about.... or it's not worth it to make Art.
Instead of investing tens of thousands of dollars in a "useless" degree, spend a few hundred dollars on classes at your local center.
Get a library card, check out books and videos on art. Watch youtube videos. Follow art blogs.
Go to galleries and museums.
And most importantly, make art. Every. Day. Make something. MAke time to make something. Make space to make something. Make Art.

As the authors of Art & Fear,  David Bayles and Ted Orland point out:
"At the University level, time is spent on learning craft, art history and contemporary trends, with the occasional class touching on critical issues. In the rarefied world of academia, a symbiotic relationship forms wherein a student’s tuition money pays for a teacher’s tenure, ensuring that the acolyte will never be deemed anything less than promising. There is little time left over to figure out the nuts and bolts of HOW TO ACTUALLY SURVIVE and mature as a working artist." 
(Emphasis by me.)

The four or so years you spend at school can delay your life and progress. You sit in class, listening to lectures, you write papers and you complete homework assignments. THEN when the student loan bills start rolling in you find you have to get a "real job" cause you can't find anything that pays enough in your field. 
Just jump into life. Start going to shows, meeting people, making art and working the "real job" to pay your rent all without the specter of "loan default" weighing you down. 
You never stop being an art student anyway. A piece of paper never changes that.
If you want to be an expert in your field, always remain a student. Never stop learning. 

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