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Thursday, April 18, 2013


Any Crutch can be Kicked Out from Underneath You.

If you are relying on any drug, alcohol, “muse” for creativity or artistic output, you have to realize that you will eventually hit a dead end. Most of us have taken something to help us relax, get past the fear and create. And it might help occasionally or in emergency situations. But it can only take you so far.
One problem is acclimation, then you need to take more. Then you need more. Then at some point you are no longer an artist but an addict. Addiction can lead to health and/or legal problems.... and perhaps financial problems. (Some of that shit is expensive.)

But relying on a drug to create art matter how fancy or hallucinogenic the drug... does not excuse you from the work of growing as an artist. (or growing as a human being either) You will not grow by relying on a drug. Once the drug is taken away what are you left with? The belief that you cannot create with out the drug? You should be able to create under any circumstances. Drunk or sober. You should be able to create if you are tired and don't feel like it. If you are sick. If you are upset. If the phone is ringing and the kids are screaming and the world is falling down about you in flames.... because YOU are the artist. Not the drug. Not this. Not that. It should come from you. No matter what.

I know. It sounds fun. We want to see what will happen. We want to see what we come up with. We ant to see what we have locked away in the subconscious. We want to see the fancy colors and shifting patterns.... when most of us haven't learned to see the world right in front of us now.
In my experience most people are observant as mud. People who call themselves artists can't see the colors in the room. They can't see the patterns and shapes of the human body; or the subtle rhythm of body language and nature. Want to see some cool shit? Look at is right in front of your nose. Learn to see proportion and negative space before you enter the “Spirit realm” with LSD or peyote or some shit.

Instead of trying to take short cuts, learn to meditate. It's not as glamorous as the heroin chic of the stereotypical artist.... but you might actually make a decent work of art for once.  

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