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Sunday, August 12, 2012



Pittsburgh, PA Sept. 7, 2012- Most Wanted Fine Art Features International Women Artists 
Once again Most Wanted brings the most exciting talent to Penn Avenue. The new show,  “10 Minutes”, will feature the work of Carina Wachsmann and Martina Biccheri. “10 minutes”  presents the human body as a design in space but also a portion of time. The obvious intimacy of the subject matter hopes to break the viewer from their daily meditative state to look into and beyond the image to consider what can be done in 10 minutes time. A good conversation? A passionate kiss? A life altering decision? Maybe, all that, and more.
Also on view, Sam Thorp will be presenting the newest series dealing with peeling back the layers and the act of revealing ones- self.
This is an exciting opportunity to see new talent from around the world.
Wine tasting by Wilhelm Winery and music by Grand Snafu will fill out the evening.
Exhibition runs from: Friday September 7th to September 28th, 2011.
Opening  Reception: Friday  7th of September 6pm- to 11pm

The Artists:
Martina Biccheri from Rome, Italy shows an incredible instinct for classical beauty even with non- conventional subject matter in her photography.  Samples of her work can be seen here:

Carina Wachsmann from Germany, works as a professional photographer and directing assistant for film productions. Most notable projects include: “Angles and Demons” by Ron Howard and “The Miracle of Santa Anna” by Spike Lee. She shows her art/ photography around the world. Her work can be seen at:

Sam Thorp is form Pittsburgh, PA and has many art shows here as well as around the world. The work is mainly figurative with a strength in color and portraiture. Sam is also responsible for curating the show. Her work can be seen at:

The Gallery:
Most Wanted Fine Art is dedicated to promoting quality artists and contemporary art & music among the community. Owner and artist Jason Sauer has exhibited and introduced artists of a multitude of movements, styles and media. These talented creators have come from all over the world, revealing the influence of their cultures, and personal experiences. MWFA also hosts yoga classes in the daytime and music shows at night.
Most Wanted Fine Art
5015 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15224

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