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Thursday, August 11, 2011



Pittsburgh, PA Sept. 2, 2011- Most Wanted Fine Art Features International Women Artists Including Pittsburgh's own Sam Thorp
These talented emerging artists: Gemma Allan, Maren Eline Aune, Martina Biccheri Sylvia K, & Sarina Meester will show along with Pittsburgh's Sam Thorp; who also curated the show. These women met online in a music forum and over the years developed their creative talent and ability as well as friendships. Styles and content vary among the ladies who come from such places as Scotland, Italy, Holland and Norway.
Refreshments and music by Grand Snafu will fill out the evening.
Exhibition runs from: Friday September 2nd to September 25th, 2011.
Opening Reception: Friday 2nd of September 6pm- to 11pm

The Artists:
Gemma Allan is from Scotland, UK. She creates geometrically abstract compositions using a rhythm of color and shape. Samples of her work can be seen at:

Maren Eline Aune is from Norway and is working on a photographic journal of personal issues and recovery through intense and confrontational self- portraiture. Samples of her work can be seen here:

Martina Biccheri from Rome, Italy shows an incredible instinct for classical beauty even with non- conventional subject matter in her photography. Samples of her work an be seen here:

Sylvia K is a citizen of Italy, France & USA. Her drawings have amazing wit and charm. Samples can be seen here:

Sarina Meester is from Holland and works professionally as a designer for major companies, but she still makes time to create art dedicated to her love for music.
Her portfolio site is:

Sam Thorp is form Pittsburgh, PA and has many art shows here as well as around the world. Her work is mainly figurative with a strength in color and portraiture. Her work can be seen at:

The Gallery:
Most Wanted Fine Art is dedicated to promoting quality artists and contemporary art & music among the community. Owner and artist Jason Sauer has exhibited and introduced artists of a multitude of movements, styles and media. These talented creators have come from all over the world, revealing the influence of their cultures, and personal experiences. MWFA also hosts yoga classes in the daytime and music shows at night.
Most Wanted Fine Art
5015 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15224

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