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Monday, May 23, 2011


thoughts on showing artwork in a resturaunt.

In some ways it's not a bad idea.
Face it, most restaurants and coffee shops probably get more foot traffic than your local galleries.
If you want to be seen, to get your work out there; its not a bad idea.

But, make the most of it.

Visit the place before you ask to show your work in it. Does the demographic or personality of the clientele appear to be a good match for our art?
Large bold work will probably get noticed more. I suppose that is true for art shown anywhere. But if the lighting in this place is bad and your work is subltle and small.... it may not be worth it.
Framing/ presentation should be battle ready. There is a bigger chance the art will be touched, bumped or jostled. Your art should be coated, covered and resistant to damage.
Make the most of your tags. It's less likely the serving staff will take the time to try and sell your work. And it's unlikely you will hang out there everyday so, a clearly marked tag should do the talking for you.

And since so few of you know how to make a tag let me say this again:
The top line should be title of the work, Underlined. Art titles are underlined or italicized, not "in quotes".
Then your name on every tag.... Every.Tag. No really. Do it.
You are putting yourself out there already, at least make them remember your name.
The third line varies.... often the size and/or materials. Sometimes it may be a brief story behind the work or a special notation. Personally I think materials is more important than size... since they can see how big it is on the wall.
And lastly the price. You can also put NFS or "Not For Sale" or "Price upon Request" or POR... but if you do that you may want to include an email address or someway they can actually contact you.

I was at a show recently where the artist did not put his name on the tags BUT he did have the name of sponsor.... the people who supplied his materials on every tag.
Do I remember who this artist is? Nope.
Do I remember the sponsor...? What do you think?
It's not rocket science, folks.

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