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Monday, June 07, 2010


June Unblurred.

the good, the bad and the utterly forgettable.

There was a great collection of PGH artists at Fast >>Fwd gallery. You should go see it. These guys know how to pick great art. Sadly, just picking it is not enough since the gallery is closing at the end of this show. Even though many open a gallery with the best of intentions, one must sell the work to keep the doors open. Selling seems to the missing ingredient. When was the last time you walked into a gallery and some tried to sell you the work?

The Steeltown show looked really good. My work was totally overshadowed by artists better than I. I tip my hat to them.

There was some really colorful stuff in the Irma Freeman Center, but I could not really appreciate it. As per usual the band plays way too loud & bad for that small space. Why? WHY??? Its not like the art patrons are going to form a mosh pit there.... are they?

Eric Luden has some wonderful new work at Zombo and its priced very reasonable, maybe too reasonable. But don't tell him he should raise his prices until AFTER I buy one.

J.R. Holtz had some awesome work at Most Wanted Fine Arts. He does his own thing and seems to enjoy doing it. Go check it out.

The most intriguing work was Beth & Charles Steidle at Modern Formations. Beth does some wonderful delicate line work of tragedy. and Brother Charles had some stunning CGI paintings of beautiful melancholy. It is a solid show that I recommend seeing. Beautifully framed and professionally presented. They even had TAGS!!!

You know what tags are right? I know they are as rare as PGHer's using turn signals, but they do exist. So many local artists do not use tags to their advantage.
I wish artists would learn to put their name next to their work. I HATE the number sticker system, because in a crowded opening I'm not going to wander around looking for answer sheet. It's hard enough to just look at the work. If your work is interesting enough for me stop and look then please let me know who you are, what it is and if its for sale right then and there.
If you are one of those artists who are expecting viewers to come up to you and ask you the title material and price; then you had better damn well make sure you are approachable and on hand at all times. Other wise you are missing out.


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