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Friday, April 23, 2010


Earth Day is every day.

Evaluate your material needs IN the studio.
Are there any any of your artists supplies that have long term damage? are there more sustainable options?
Maybe switching to a non- toxic paint would be a better for you and the planet. We've all been warned about washing brushes in the sink or pouring paint down the drain cause.... well, where does that water go?
Not long ago I experiment with using coffee and beet juice washes, in place of traditional ink washes. whatever medium you work in, do a little research into green alternatives or better yet; INVENT better green alternatives. The market is ripe for such things.

Recycle in and out.
Reclaim and salvage materials when you can. There's a certain artistic euphoria about raising "garbage" from the dead and turning it into a masterpiece.

And it is good for the planet. When you clean out your studio and throw things away, check to see if there is anything you can recycle first. I tend to have a lot of scrap paper that I take to a recycling bin instead of the trash.

Evaluate your material needs OUT of the studio.
Maybe there are some solvents or materials your art cannot do without. Balance it out by being more green at home: the shorter showers, turing off light bulbs, riding a bike; any and all of those green tricks and tips will do.

And probably the first and foremost:
Raise Awareness about Sustainability THROUGH your art.
Art has the power to change people's thinking. Why not use it for something good and worthwhile..... while at the same time maintaining your high level of creativity and craftsmanship. Consider it a challenge. What exactly do you believe about this planet you live on? How have you and others been treating this home? Is there anything that can be done to make things better? How can you make that look on a canvas, or sculpture?

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