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Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Call the Sleeper Awake

(rough draft- heavily influenced by taoism)

You will only learn what you are ready to learn.
The greatest masters still continue to practice the most basic skills.
Your daily practice becomes your daily meditation. It brings you closer to divinity. Do not get caught up in distractions and gossip. Practicing/ training makes you a better person through discipline. Day after day, train hard, refine your skill. Discipline makes the master.
Do not apologize for wanting to be the best. You have no need for the approval of others.
Never apologize and never explain trying to improve.
Knowing is not enough; you must apply. Willing is not enough; you must do. Your art will be best when it is devoid of any self- consciousness. Freedom discovers you at the moment you lose concern over what impression you are making.

Artistic skill is not necessarily “artistic perfection”, but a continuing practice on some level of development. The perfection is not in the line and color, but radiated from the human soul. Those who attain mastery do not fear a challenge or glory in success.

The further you progress the fewer teachers there are. The better you get the lonelier it gets. Many will become competitors, and jealous enemies, many will simply not understand. Accept it. Most people hate being alone. But you can make use of it. Embracing solitude, you become one with the universe.
Still, keep current with the world. Know the disposition of your opposites and you’re your enemies. Try to see through their eyes. You can see through the eyes of another only after you can see through yourself. Research your own experiences. Absorb and learn what is useful. Forget what is useless. Add what is specifically your own.

The beginner starts by copying, the more advanced student makes a “faithful reproduction”, the master interprets. Your intention should be to project an inner vision into the world. Your artistic expression should be your soul made apparent. To state the deepest psychic and personal experiences into an aesthetic creation. Master art should be an expression of life that transcends both time and space, Employ your own soul through art to give new form and meaning to nature and the world. Do not be satisfied with decoration and embellishment. Your art is how you achieve your liberty. This isn’t about a one side promotion of yourself, but opening a dialogue for all human capacity. . Aim to use your daily activities to become a master of life. Master of art will become a master of living, the soul creates everything.
Art communicates feeling. It must originate with an experience or feeling of the artist. The poor quality art comes from insincerity.

I cannot tell you what to do, since that would confine you to a particular approach. Formulas only inhibit freedom. There are only tools to use as effectively as possible.
Be style-less so you can assume all styles. Style makes it harder to be adaptable, it only offers a better cage. In the absence of stereotyped technique as the substance means to be total and free. Where there is freedom from mechanical conditioning, there is simplicity. The truth is outside of all style.

Style-less art is the soul at peace.

Question everything. Nothing is sacred. Nothing is profane.

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