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Monday, October 15, 2007


just in time for the holidays

yes, samhain, halloween, and ramadan

but also acceptable to wear all year round... just remember to wash it everyonce in a while....

Image Hosted by
By samthor

available in slimming black... although you look great just the way you are...

shop here:

Plenty of other brilliant designs at my site here:

have i told you how much i love you?......

No, puppet, you haven't told me how much you love me! In fact, you tell me just the opposite everytime you creep onto my blogsite. You area hypocritical farce, needless to say. FYI, I live in the backyard of Sequoyah's birthpklace & even volunteer at the museum. My studies of the Cherokee Nation include language, history, & an in depth geneological study of my roots. I have CHOSEN not to sanctify the 'purity' of my bloodline.. even tho it is respectable & includes Mankillers & Sixkillers, etc. I CHOOSE to be a mix of heritages.. & will not let your piety reduce my goal.
So you keep on selling your little silly t-shirts. & spouting about that so-called love. You're a joke!
wow. you still sound very threatened?
i didn't think you wanted to talk about it since you banned me for messing up your perfect little scheme....

you don't have to sanctify if you don't want to...
-but you can't then claim to be something you can't claim to be ...
-and you can't charge money for native ceremonies or teachings that certainly not authentic by mixing them in with a buffet of new age crystal hugging crap....
-reading about NDN history doesn't make you an NDN any more than lookng at art will make you an artist.
-if you had actually lived on a rez, you'd understand why your actions are so offensive to the ppl you calim to represent.

i'm selling t-shirts and artwork because i'm selling t-shirts and artwork.
i'm not ripping anyone off by claiming they were once worn by sitting bull or leonard petlier, i'm not claiming they will give you peace of mind or super powers... thats the main difference between me and you... that and i have a sense of humor.....
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